Steal his look: Milan Lucic

piece of shit: priceless

NHL stars make their preseason predictions for who will win the Hart Trophy.

After signing his new contract (x)

After signing his new contract (x)


she wears short skirts

i wear jerseys

she’s cheer captain

and i’m screaming at the TV SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK YOU IDIOTS

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Grand Prix Final 2011


imagine if i was the coach of the leafs. no longer the toronto maple leafs. now they are the toronto maple we won’t blow anymore 4-1 leads. phil would get statues erected in his honor. jake would get chipotle every day and mo would follow him and i wouldnt care. cody franson would take so many pics with dogs. dion would get his eyebrows done. who the hell are clarkson and orr. carlyle would be gone. i know how toasters work.


Stick to your day job @lindholmelias